Commercial / Industrial Lighting Retrofit Programs

  • Lion's den electric provides a comprehensive led upgrade package which includes. 
  • No hassle no obligation quote and site visit to provide customer with information that is available with led upgrades and the rebates provided at this time.
  • Prepare alternative light fixtures, brightness (lumens) colors to fit customer needs if desired. Provide timers, motion detectors etc. to ensure more savings come electrical bill time.
  • Allow for reusing existing poles and supports were possible to reduce cost.
  • The quote will include rebate amounts and return on investment time schedule.
  • Provide all electrical safety authority inspections.
  • Provide all recycling documentation to hydro commission and/or rebate providers.

About Us

Lion's den electric is a family owned business originating in North Bay Ontario. We are a team of master electricians, certified electricians and apprentices eager to provide exemplary and reliable electrical service. We have a varied skill set in all electrical fields including residential, commercial and industrial. We have experience in everything from hanging a simple light fixture to installing a complex robotic assembly line. We pride ourselves in honest, trustworthy and reliable work with a vision to have a satisfied customer after and during every project we work on.

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