North Bay Homeowner

Daniel and his den crew tamed the electrical issues in our home. Everything from moving our main panel to repairing previously unknown problem to installing new ceiling light and even installing a generator system was done and always with a smile. Daniel's ability to quickly and rationally deal with surprises was refreshing. The camaraderie between Daniel and his employees and their professional manner made having them working in your home a lot easier in such a stressful situation. We would highly recommend Daniel and his den of lions to tame any project.

About Us

Lion's den electric is a family owned business originating in North Bay Ontario. We are a team of master electricians, certified electricians and apprentices eager to provide exemplary and reliable electrical service. We have a varied skill set in all electrical fields including residential, commercial and industrial. We have experience in everything from hanging a simple light fixture to installing a complex robotic assembly line. We pride ourselves in honest, trustworthy and reliable work with a vision to have a satisfied customer after and during every project we work on.

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